Day 4 in the Dolomites

Dear R,

Today I hiked a popular area. I qualified it like this because of the big number of people who I meet along the path. Young and old, alone and couples, families with kids or group of friends. The hike was not a hard one. Maybe a little bit long for some of them. But this gave me the chance to study my fellows travelers.

Some of them where happy, other tired but the kids were the most fascinating. I meet some of them too. If you want to teach a child to love the mountains you put in his feet the proper hiking shoes, you teach him how to walk, you put him in front of your eyes and keep encouraging him. I think that is the best method that I saw today. And I hope that the kids who struggled to end the route in sport/city shoes will learn to love the mountains too.
Today was also about starting the hike at 7:15 when the mountains are still sleepy under the blanket of clouds. The sad news is that they slept in the clouds almost all the day.
I hope that tomorrow they will start working again and show me all the beauty that I know they have.39032367_10215204250172348_8948092112381935616_n

Dolomites greetings,


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