Day 4

Dear R,
Today was one of those days that start bad and end almost perfect. In the morning, before leaving the hut, I discovered that my hiking poles were missing. Someone took them by mistake probably.

And after I enjoyed so much their help during the first days, I started to think that the hike will be more adventurous from now on without them. But one of the good parts of hiking with a friend (who still has the hiking poles) it is that you have someone who is there for encouraging you, share the poles you in case of emergency or steep areas, laugh with you and remembering you that everything is possible (thanks Oana). Today was about hiking in short sleeves and hiking with all your clothes on you 10 min later because the Dolomites never stop to surprise you. Today, was about just staying and looking at clouds. Looking at how they are moving from one mountain peak to another one, changing their form all the time. Maybe it is something to learn from their capacity to adapt all the time. To transform themselves.
Today was about a perfect hut at the end of the day: hammock, sun, showers and amazing views

Dolomites greetings,


Route: Rifugio Antermoia – Passo di Dona – Ciaresoles – Passo Duron – Plattkofelhütte – Rifugio Sandro Pertini


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