Dear R,

Today was about being in the moment. And how being in the moment helps you calm your fears.

Because when you try to think only about where to put your next step, you don’t have time anymore to think about the area with snow which is in front of you or about the gravel. And step by step you discover that you manage to overcome everything. Today was about the joy of bathing your feet in the blue cold clear water of a mountain lake at the end of the hike. Today was about scrambling. And how helpful can be any rock. Or half or rock. Today was about 3 passes and a mountain peak with no name. But for us, it was a special one. and not only because we arrived at the top. Today was like always about the mountain. And all the joy that can fill your heart when you see it.

Dolomites greetings,


Route: Rifugio Vajolet – Grasleitenpass-Passo Antermoia- Lago Antermoia – Rifugio Antermoia

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