Dear R,

The second day remembered me again why I love the Dolomites. Those narrow routes, the gravel, the big rooks like the walls of a rock kingdom.


The feeling that you see mountains and mountains again and you would like to manage somehow to hike all of them. The dance of the clouds. The dark ones. Coming and going around you but avoiding you strategically. The second day was about relaxing.

Or about learning to relax. As someone who likes to hike until the sunset, because what could you do better than that, ending your hiking day at 14:00 is a hard thing. But it is good from time to time to just stop for an afternoon and look at the mountains, the clouds, the other people who are still hiking. It is good from time to time to enjoy the mountains like a feast, watching them for hours. Not just like a snack, while you are looking good at your feet for not walking outside the path or fixing well your shoe in the snow. And in the end, your soul and knee will be grateful.

Dolomites greetings,



Route: Rifugio Roda di Vael – Passo delle Zigolade – Rifugio Vajolet

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