Dear R,

Today was about the path. Because isn’t it, at what else could you think when you have a long path to hike for arriving at your final destination.

And while I was walking, putting one step in front of the other one, looking far in front of me, trying to figure out where the path could be, I was thinking that they are days when life looks like one of those impossible to notice hiking paths in the Dolomites.

One of those narrow, complicated paths when you can figure out how the things will gonna look only until the first sign. And when you arrive at the first sign you look to see the other one. And this is enough. One of those steep, rocky paths. But the beauty of these paths is that even if they are hard and look impossible to hike from far, you find from place to place flowers which are making them nice. Or you see those beautiful landscapes which are taking your breath away. Or you find from place to place rock stairs which are making your steps easy to do. It is good to remember that the path ends somewhere. Even the impossible one.

Dolomites greetings,


Route : Rifugio Sandro Pertini – Forcella Rodella – Sellajochhaus – Rifugio  Boe – Piz Boe – Rifugio Boe









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