Day 1

Dear R,

Every beginning of a multi-day hike is a little bit about your backpack. How to adapt it to your back and body. How to arrange all the things inside of it. How to carry it so that your back and shoulders don’t kill you at the end of the day. Your backpack is full of questions and fears. No matter how full is your backpack, they will always find a way to fit in. Fears concerning the weather, your knee, the signs, your strengths. Questions about future and dreams and you.
These questions are always staying with you wherever you go. The first day of the Dolomites trip was about small confrontations with fear. Fear that the tube will not come in time, that your Dolomites story with thunders and lightings will repeat (especially when you here the thunders around you and feel the small ice pieces falling on your hand), that it will be super hard to end it because the route looks so step and complicated. Only to discover in the end that the route opens slowly, little by little, in front of you.

Dolomites greetings,


Route: Vigo di Fassa – Rifugio Roda di Vael




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