Day 0

Dear R,

My relationship with the Dolomites started 3 years ago. It was a summer when I admired them shyly. I was around them, exploring a little bit their colors, admiring their peaks and moonlight landscapes, coming back home with magazines and dreams. I kept dreaming of them and thinking at them from time to time. Last year I wanted to develop our story. And add to it new nuances. So me and the Dolomites spent 11 days together. It was my first #solohiking trip. He tested my limits, my power, my nerves and my muscles. He showed me his thunderstorms, gravels, sharp rocks but also his treasures: the marmots, the ibex, the ridges, the #edelweiss, the landscapes, the people. His good side and bad side (not too much, fortunately). This year, since we know us since a while, I decided to introduce the Dolomites to my partner in hikes and crazy dreams, my dear good old friend @oanaduma I am eager to notice what it will be to learn, explore and discover this time

Hiking greetings,


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