A walk through the Nymphenburg Gardens

Dear R,

Today I took a ride through the gardens of Nymphenburg castle for surprising the last colors of autumn.44522640_10215672532479113_969859956817788928_o

I like to take pictures. To surprise colors and movements. And lights. Sometimes I see incredible places on my way and I say to myself: When I return I will take a picture of it. But when you return that places it is not looking the same anymore. The light is different, the fog is out, the colors changed.
The same like objects in the light, people and days are beautiful in each and every hour. Next week will gonna be Saturday again but it will be a different one. Next year will be autumn again but it will be a different one.
Maybe we should learn more to enjoy the colors of the moment without the idea that when I return, or next week or next year they will still be there. The colors will be probably there, but always different.

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