The flower

Dear R,

Last year I bought some plant seeds. This year, in June, I finally planted them. I said to myself that it is time to make my balcony look more…colorful. 44332995_10215667776240210_777777281195048960_nIn the first days, I took big care of them. I feed them almost every day, I put them in the sun. I Talked with them. Some of them died. Drowned. Others have dried out. And others didn’t react at all. After a while, I moved them from the balcony in the kitchen. And I didn’t give them so much attention anymore. Only water from time to time.
This evening, I remembered my plants. And I noticed that one of the not promising plants has a flower. That one whose pot was all the summer empty.
Maybe they have right when they say that the beautiful things are happening when you expect less and you don’t work at all at their… happening.

Blooming greetings,


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