The “Briefleserin in Blau”

Dear R,
I like blue. Bavarian blue. Sky blue. Forget-me-not blue. Vermeer blue. I discovered Vermeer and his blue when I read the Girl with the pearl earring. And it remained somewhere in my mind. When I saw the posters in the city about the presence of the Leserin in the AltePinakotek, I said to myself that I must go and see it. I spend like 5 minutes in front of it. Admiring the curves of the woman, the blue of her blouse and the letter. You can see the shadow of a smile on her face. Or blushing. Maybe it is a love letter9ab39ac27c5a85b30bb79cb2a3d3daad You can see nothing than the blue. Because all the other colors, the white of the wall, the brown of the map are just putting in evidence the blue. Even her face and her hair. Maybe she knows that blue is the color which fit her perfectly. And maybe the color of the letter. Or the color of the smile on her face while she read. The blue of Vermeer is always full of stories. And seeds of love.
Blue greetings,

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