The first marathon experience

Dear Reader,

I just finished my first and only until now 10 Km run in an official marathon competition. München Marathon. It was a great feeling. Especially that one when you enter the stadium for the last meters. Your heart is pumping hard. You don’t try to think too much at your muscles which are starting to feel strong and heavy. You try to breathe all the joy of entering a stadium like a real athlete and all the people cheering around you even if they don’t know you.

That feeling when you finally cross the finish line. And you know that you made it. And you know that the race was not about finishing the first one but about finishing in your pace. About sharing the sunny streets of München with others. About fighting with yourself and with the thoughts which are whispering to you that it is too hard. Or too long. About the joy of checking one more thing from your to-do list.

Running the 10 km race was great. Now I think only at running the half marathon. It has to be even greater.

Running greetings,



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