Biking through Munchen

Dear Reader,

Somewhere in May, at the beginning of a possible summer, I started to use my bike for going everywhere. Or almost. At work, at the boulder gym, at the grocery store in the corner, meeting friends or early in the morning, on weekends, when I bike as fast as possible for catching the train for going hiking.
I am not the fastest biker. But not the slowest neither. And even if sometimes I could arrive in some places faster or at the same time with the public transport, I love biking. It offers me a certain freedom. Like the one of stopping and watching the surfers. Or a beautiful sunset. Or the Isar. The freedom of choosing my own way and not the one that Google suggests me. And it is such an amazing feeling to arrive from one place to another without asking Google about the route. You feel like that city starts to become your city. Biking is about noticing people. Students hurrying up to arrive at the morning classes. Women elegant dressed ridding the bike in high hills. Men in suits riding their super pro and light bikes. Parents with small kids following them on their small bikes. Learning how to be future friendly bikers. Old people smiling and happy to ride their bikes. And me.
I am still learning to adapt my gears and need a lot of time for that uphill part at Friedensengel
But I enjoy every time when I am faster than yesterday. Or when I find green light at every stop.
Greetings from my bike,


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