Day 7 in the Dolomites

Dear R, Yesterday  was about hights. The highest official point of Alta Via2, my first chamois and edelweiss here in the Dolomites, high hut friends who are making your life easier when you have to pass challenging cable parts. But sometimes, you have to cross the high cables parts alone.

Day 6 in the Dolomites

Dear R, I like to believe that people are coming in our life at a certain point, with a certain mission. Some of them for teaching us some things or to help us to pass through a difficult time.

Day 5 in the Dolomites

Dear R, Today, after spending the night in a hut full of hiking couples or small groups, I had the feeling that sometimes, despite all the motivational quotes about spending time with you and knowing you better, solo-hiking sucks.

Day 4 in the Dolomites

Dear R, Today I hiked a popular area. I qualified it like this because of the big number of people who I meet along the path. Young and old, alone and couples, families with kids or group of friends. The hike was not a hard one. Maybe a little bit long for some of them….