5 ½ things you can do with less or exactly 5 Euros in Munchen

Living on your own, in a foreign country, can be challenging sometimes. After you pay the rent, the bills, put aside the money for the food, the transport (if you don’t /can’t bike), you notice that for your fun/cultural/entertainment budget it doesn’t remain all the time that much. But still…they are some things that you…

5 ½ Don’t-s when you move in a new country

If you are like me, maybe you read some articles, more or less motivational, before moving into a new city. Or in a new country. Or both of them. Articles about how to register to the public library. Where is the boulder gym? What is the best school for German class?

To spend a Sunday

Dear R, From time to time I like to visit an art museum and spend minutes in front of a painting to discover all its nuances. And to discover more about him while I am trying to understand why he used that color. That angle. That title.

An English bookstore

Dear R, You know already that I like a lot of book shops. And reading. Or reading in a book shop. I like the big ones where hundreds of books are sitting on the shelves like hundreds of promises. But I like the small ones as well.