To spend a Sunday

Dear R,

From time to time I like to visit an art museum and spend minutes in front of a painting to discover all its nuances. And to discover more about him while I am trying to understand why he used that color. That angle. That title.

I always thought that the new, contemporary painting is about points, lines, colors, abstract figures, things which in appearance don’t say anything. This until I saw the exhibition of Alex Katz from Brandhorst museum. He doesn’t splash points or lines and colors on the painting. He paints people. Dancers. Beautiful women. His wife. Old women. People. His painting is another type of impressionism. And an absolute one. His faces are very clear. You can see every cone of the eye. The corner of the smile. You can feel the weight of the dancer’s body laying on another dancer. You can feel the blood flowing through their veins. Sometimes his paintings are looking like screenshots from a movie.

A glimpse of a discussion. The face of a beautiful lady in the dark. A red scarf in a winter forest. The paintings of Katz are not representing only people. But also landscapes. Summer ones. And winter ones. And night ones. And the flights of the birds.

Like small dots in the sky. A little bit nicer than my dot birds from childhood paintings. Seeing the paintings of Kratz was an AHA moment. A good one.

Impressionist greetings,


Technical details:

The exhibition is open until 22th of April

Visiting program: Daily (Excepting Monday): 10:00 -18:00

Thursday: 10:00 – 20:00

Admission: 7 Euro/5 Euro reduced/ 1 Euro on Sunday

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