The new week

Dear R, They are many ways to prepare for the week ready to start. Some people are organizing the program, preparing the clothes, planing a menu. For me, preparing for a new week means sometimes going to bouldering gym on a Sunday evening.

The cloud

Dear R, One of my favorite things to do at the end of a hike is to watch the clouds. To lay on the grass, feeling the sun and looking at the clouds moving, transforming, traveling. Learning from them about transforming and flowing. Cloudy greetings, C.

Do it again

Dear R, After an accident like after failure of any type, maybe the most difficult thing is to learn to trust again. In your skills, in your feet, in your abilities, in your smile. And ironically, for building your trust you have to be open to put you up there in those contexts where they…

The umbrella

Dear R, One thing is clear. I dont like the umbrellas. (Even when it happens to arrive home completely wett).  Or maybe only some of them. I dont know not even one umbrella who resisted more than one rain in my hands.