How to have a short holidays in the middle of the week

Dear R(eader), I am sitting on the stairs at #friedensengel, admiring the view from above and enjoying the sounds, and voices of the city. It is my first time here. I saw this place quite often, but I never stopped here, focusing more on biking faster until the top and continue my way to work…


Dear R, Have you ever seen the trees in a spring-winter morning? One of those mornings, when you wake up and outside, is winter, even if yesterday was sunny and spring.

Day 11 of Dolomites

Dear R, After waking up at 6:30, walking and running through the forest and on the small streets from Feltre to catch the train and changing the train 3 times, I am finally in the bus going back home to Munich. Solo hiking the Alta Via 2 was an amazing experience.