Message on a postcard

Dear R, As a child, my parents used to tell me that there is only one step between laughing and crying, most of the time when I was in the middle of the game or of the most joyful moment.

The sunrise

Dear R, The #sunrise pours in our hearts the idea that every day can be a new beginning. And that a new beginning can be colorful. Even if it looks cloudy and foggy. Sunrise greetings, C.


Dear R, A via ferrata (Klettersteig) is always a small battle with yourself. Starting with the preparation days, when the small voice inside of your head tells you that maybe you should stay home. Maybe it will be too hard. Maybe you are not good enough. Continuing with the moments when you are between 2…

The cloud

Dear R, One of my favorite things to do at the end of a hike is to watch the clouds. To lay on the grass, feeling the sun and looking at the clouds moving, transforming, traveling. Learning from them about transforming and flowing. Cloudy greetings, C.