The New Year postcard

Dear R,

2020 looked a lot like a Puzzle. It was beautiful at the beginning, as the picture from the box (doesn’t every year look amazing on the 1st of January? ), but a complete mess inside.

It was a year full of days when nothing makes sense, and you would like somehow to throw the box. It was a year full of days when somehow you manage to match 2-3 pieces. Small victories. Like when you finally find toilet paper. Or you have managed to follow until the end of one of the workout YouTube tutorials.

It was a year who had his big victory days. They were the days when I sort out how to make the lake, a corner of blue sky, or a piece of chocolate. These days are similar to the days when you go on your first hike after lookdown. Or with the day when you finish the #Nanowrimo Challenge.

2020 was a year with a limited number of tasty and refreshing days like ice-cream. Not too many, but enough. Like when you enjoy the Alps. Or you make a via Ferrata in the Dolomites. Because you add piece number 1000 to the puzzle only once, isn’t it?

May your 2021 be tastier, fresher, lighter, more beautiful, and full of answers than everything you had until now. And if this is not possible, at least than 2020.

Puzzle greetings,


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