Dear R,

Dear R,

Today was about the difference between making a hike with a friend and making a hike alone. Last year I made the same hike as today but alone (it was one of the stages of #altavia2).

Last year I had the feeling that it takes an eternity and that the hut is super far. Maybe because of making a break every 5 min for taking pictures and sending them to my friends from home (including Oana) and telling them how amazing the Dolomites are.

Maybe because when you know that you have a friend in front, waiting for you, you tend to go a little bit faster. Or maybe because when you talk about books, you don’t feel anymore that the path is steep and you have a lot of tinny rocks in your shoes.

Today was about friendship and amazing beautiful landscapes. That became even nicer when they are shared.

Dolomites greetings,


Dolomites greetings,





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