The museum of my dreams

Dear R,

I heard first time about d´Orsay museum while I was in High-School. Our French teacher introduced us to the fantastic world of the impressionist art and of all the treasures hidden in the museum hosted by an old train station. In Paris even a train station could look like a piece of art. IMG_20190519_182942And today, I finally managed to get inside. After a long queue. And I was in owe in front of those paintings that I saw before only in art albums. Seeing the exotic shapes of Gauguin, the shadows of Monet, the floating dancers of Degas was like a dream come true. IMG_20190519_153521And above all of these Van Gogh. I could have spent hours there just observing and contemplating every line. Every shade. Every intention.

IMG_20190519_161856But off course I was not the only person there so I couldn’t spent more than several seconds in front of every painting so that others could admire them as well. Would it be possible to rent all the museum for one week only for me? I could imagine myself living for one week in one of the Art Nouveau apartments which are part of muse d´Orsay as well. IMG_20190519_164242

This is the type of train station where I could live…for a while.


Greetings from muse d´Orsay,


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