Dear R

Today I forgot my wallet with all my stuff, including my transport abonnement, home. So, I was forced to make a loooong walk back home. I gave to Google the coordinates, I selected the way “walking” and I said to him…Take me home.I discovered a new part of the city, that I didn’t know until now. Quiets streets with balconies covered by flowers, small restaurants with tables covered by white sheets and simple decorations, people laughing and enjoying a summer afternoon. Until yesterday, I didn’t know that you can really seat on Hackerbrucke and enjoy watching the trains and the sun. A sunset saw from there, with all those trains going and coming, it is a thing to do somewhere in the future.And all those green streets called after different composers. And the Theresienwiese without the huge tents and the noise from Oktoberfest or Fruhlingfest. Only kids running with their bicycle there.

And that feeling when you arrive on the street that you already know and you said to yourself: Now, I can close the map! I know my way home! 🙂

I think I would like to try that other time too.



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