The silence

Dear R, There is always something in nature that makes you quiet. And it invites you to take a seat and only watch. To watch without saying something, asking, or commenting. Just let your heart and mind listening to the story and the song of the waterfall.Or whatever you have in front.Hiking greetings,C.

Message in a river

Dear R(eader),The rivers never stop to surprise me. The way they found their way in front of a rock block. So creative sometimes. Their perseverance. The freshness. The joy of springing.River greetings, C.

The New Year postcard

Dear R, 2020 looked a lot like a Puzzle. It was beautiful at the beginning, as the picture from the box (doesn’t every year look amazing on the 1st of January? ), but a complete mess inside. It was a year full of days when nothing makes sense, and you would like somehow to throw…


Dear R, The mountains are the best place where you can learn more about happiness.You learn that happiness is something you build step by step, cloud by cloud, cable by cable until you arrive on the top of the mountain so that you can start again tomorrow.But they can teach you as well that happiness…