5 ½ things you can do with less or exactly 5 Euros in Munchen

Living on your own, in a foreign country, can be challenging sometimes. After you pay the rent, the bills, put aside the money for the food, the transport (if you don’t /can’t bike), you notice that for your fun/cultural/entertainment budget it doesn’t remain all the time that much. But still…they are some things that you can do in Munich with even less than 5 Euro and in the end, you can have the feeling that life is beautiful and colorful.

I. If it is Sunday, go and visit one of the art museums which have 1 Euro entry price. Have you ever thought that you can pay only 1 Euro ticket and see a Monet, Van Gogh or Andy Warhol with your own eyes? Or have a lesson of Bavarian culture? Have a look at this list of museums and choose the one which makes you curious. Or makes your heart beat faster.
II. If you want to eat a tasty cake, during the week, go at the bakery Rischart “Gutes von Gestern” from Baaderstrasse 78 (Metro station Fraunhoferstrasse) where they are collecting the products remained at the end of the day in the other bakeries of the same chain and they sell them for a cheaper price. You save the planet and enjoy the cake as well.
III. Spring is the season of the very local “Flohmarkt”. Almost every neighborhood has one. You know that there is a “Flohmarkt” day when you see balloons at the entry in the inner yards of the buildings and the gates wide open. Here you can find a list of all the Flokmarkts from Munich, calendar and other more important details. You will find at least a book. Or a shall that you will like to buy. Or even if you don’t find anything, you would at least spend some hours knowing better your neighbors.
IV. The “Lost Weekend” concerts. Lost Weekend is a student/intellectual café. If during the days is full of students writing, learning or entrepreneurs working for different projects, in the evening the Lost-Weekend transforms in a concert hall. Jazz concerts.
Rock concerts. The bands are made of students. Or they are newcomers. The entry fee is 3 or 5 euro.
V. German movies night. There is a MeetUp group which once in a month organizes, on Saturday evening, a German movies night. Their purpose is to help the people who are struggling with the learning of German to learn the language better in a more pleasant way than staying in a class and learning Partizip II. The fee for participation at an event of this type is 3 Euro.
VI. Buy a cup of ice-cream from Sarclety or Verrückte Ice Macher and enjoy-it while talking a walk in the city. It is hard to stop at only one ice-cream cup but it will help you to enjoy more of only one flavor. So choose well.

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